It is a Movement- Black Lives Matter

The generation of the original civil rights activists asked for equal rights. The generation of the Black Lives Matter activists are demanding it. This new generation of revolutionary activists are determined to be the change this country requires. This movement is intelligent,organized, and most of all angry. The change being demanded is simple. EQUALITY. Across the board. From education to employment. From human rights to civil rights. From traffic stops to courtrooms. Oppression of the black race has never ended. Some laws and some law enforcement officers are twisted and unjustly continue this oppression unopposed. This in my opinion is the ground zero of the movement.

Social media has created a platform of consciousness.It provides an excellent avenue to quickly dispense information which is the key to awakening. Now that the black community is awake, will the community unite? Will the oppressed band together and begin to make the oppressor and those who stand by and watch the oppression (such as all politicians, employers, and even neighbors) declare where they stand? Understanding that not all of the community will support the change in equality. But once the declaration has been made either for or against does not matter. What matters is the declaration will provide a clear  expectation of action. Which allows the oppressed the opportunity to make informed decisions when voting, seeking employment, and in choosing what community to live in and support.

How arrogant is it to take a taxpayer’s money and then gun them down in the street? (federal, state, and local law enforcement) How arrogant is it to ask for the “minority” vote to get into office but do nothing for the minorities when you gain office? How arrogant is it to hire an employee and tell them your company has a strong commitment to diversity yet there are no minorities in leadership? How arrogant is it to accept money for rent from a minority and then allow the dwelling to be dilapidated? Then after all the arrogance and intentional oppression, the oppressor/privileged stand confused why this generation is so angry.

To the movement: Stay angry. Just remember to stay focused, determined and motivated to be the change.

The featured image is from the art gallery. This image should spark conversation, it should encourage equality, and it should invoke integrity in us all.

Stay Woke! Black lives matter

Above is a link to the video “Stay Woke! Black Lives Matter.

Above is a link to the Black Lives Matter website.


Beyonce, I have a few questions

Formation (Dirty) (<-Click here for Video)

Dear Beyonce,

I have a few questions for you.

How dare you represent your culture through your music? How dare you use your status as one of the world’s largest superstars to shed light on the injustice, racism and brutality in the United States? How dare you use one of the largest stages in the world to do it? What gives you the right to enter millions of homes with your ideology? Why would you want to bring attention to the black lives matter movement during the Superbowl?

How dare you interrupt middle American life with your need to support a cause that so many believe has no place in the forefront of America’s mind? Haven’t you gotten the message from our media that we care more about Cam Newton’s statistics than we do the life of black Americans?

Did you even stop to think that your choices would negatively affect so many? Have you seen who the people are that you offended? Former mayor Rudy Giuliani, the KKK, Fox news anchor Tomi Lahren, and all the “shoot first ask questions later” police officers and the people who love them.

It is unbelievable that you forced these people to speak out against you and the cause you represented! Most of these people were quietly existing in everyday USA. They are the managers of corporate America, politicians, and soccer moms who were happy and content with their views and opinions about the issue being kept private.

Are you aware that these people are referring to your art as pot stirring music? And so many wonder why you a singer, an artist would think it was appropriate for you to express yourself in such a way? It seems to be a certain demographic that feels you are wasting your creativity?

Beyonce this is the USA. How dare you being an african-american female exhibit such a brave spirit? Do you know your place young lady? Do you know that you are a role model to so many young girls? Do you know that you may have subconsciously ignited the rebellious spirit in millions? What would happen to these United States if the next generation adopted your views of equality and actually attempted to put actions and legislature into place to undo the current status quot?

I’m sure your busy preparing for the Formation Tour and you probably are sick of all my questions, and you obviously don’t care what others think of you, or how your opinions make others feel. However I have just one more question….

Will you promise to keep up the good work?


Sarcastic Shelley